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Sea Glass

(5 customer reviews)


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Weight 1 oz

5 reviews for Sea Glass

  1. Maranda Woolf

    The colors and shimmer are incredible! This pairs perfectly with Serenity, lakehouse, chloe, or primrose. And the coverage is wonderful!

  2. Angela (verified owner)

    Seriously…one of the most beautiful glitters ever. It’s gentle and soft. I received so many compliments on it!

  3. Kat Leahy (verified owner)

    I love this glitter mix! Pairs beautifully with Lake House and Serenity.

  4. Maryellen DeCicco (verified owner)

    Off all the dips I own, this is by far my favorite. It is absolutely stunning!

  5. Alandria Saifer (verified owner)

    Shockingly easy to use for a chunky glitter. Wonderful tan undertones make it a really soft glitter full of life but not overly bright.

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